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Are Watching Movies On A Smaller Screen Worth The Pains?

smaller screen1With better screens being introduced into even the most basic of phones, it seems that the laptop has finally met its match in playing media on the go. One of the best features of any smartphone is its ability to be extremely portable and yet multitask at the same time.

Many users have taken advantage of this feature and watch full HD movies using apps like MovieBox on their mobiles, despite disapproval from a crowd that believes movies will be ruined by watching them on such small screens. However, that might not always be the case, especially when there is an exceptionally good movie that is all the rage and the person is time to kill during a trip. It sure beats dragging out a laptop on public transport of any sort.

Imagine looking through the app and coming across a movie that the person has been meaning to watch for a very long time and at the same time, they are travelling for a couple of hours on a train or plane surrounded by strangers. Rather than taking up precious space that can otherwise be used to hold luggage or stretch one’s legs with a laptop, using a phone to watch a movie is a welcome reprieve. For phones that come with Full HD screens can pack as much of an impact as a cinema screen because the viewing size of the screen would be similar to watching a movie from the back row of a movie theatre, perspective-wise.

However, keep in mind that humans are by nature curious creatures and it is quite possible that the neighboring person may sneak a couple of peaks at the screen or the person seated behind will be watching through the crack in the seats. After all, there are only so many times a person can ignore someone laughing at a screen. So be cautious and try not to view excessively gory or inappropriate content while on public transport.

Not only will the judging looks put the person off their movie but it will also cause discomfort for fellow passengers. Watch movies that are known to be inoffensive, and age-appropriate, especially if travelling with a minor or the person watching the movie is a minor. Better yet, watching a movie again guarantees avoiding any awkward faux pas.

However, let’s be honest, there is no way that watching a movie on a smartphone can stand up to watching it at an IMAX theatre with surround sound and 3D glasses. Big budget movies with intricate details deserve to be watched on the big screen, movie buff or not.

However, the intimacy of watching a movie on a mobile phone should not be taken lightly. Think horror movies with plenty of jump scares. By holding the phone closer to the face, this creates a personal movie bubble that laptops and TVs cannot recreate. In fact, with huge developments in bringing better image quality to smaller screens, it seems that technological trends are paving the way to watch movies on the tiny screen for a reason.