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Stay Away From Bottled Water And Contaminated Water

tumblr_mayj5rmptg1rwj0rhOur body contained more than 50% of water and without proper water consumption, you can’t lead a healthy living and hence we should pay less attention to the water they drink. We may even turn on the tap and have a glass of water, but you should check the water quality before consuming water.

You should be aware of the Bottled Water Safety hazards before consuming them frequently. Few Americans depend on a well for drinking water. The water quality in the well may depend on several factors like when the well was initially built, In which location it is situated, How well is it maintained, human activities taking place in the area and much more.

The Academy of Nutrition has outlined the safety checks that must be maintained while buying bottled drinking water in the website The Environment Protection Agency suggests discussing with the local experts on getting your water frequently tested to check for problems much earlier.

Quality Of Bottled Water
People think consuming bottled water is safe, but there is no guarantee that the water in the bottle is not the same as your tap water. Water comes under the food division. That being said the source of water should be identified and checked for the levels of chemicals, microbial and physical contaminations. The water should also be well boiled, filtered and bottled with needed labels. You can trust the tap water when compared to bottled water.

Those are the rules of FDA, but they don’t check the water quality like EPA. In case a problem is reported then the brand of bottled water will be recalled by FDA until then there is no guarantee that the water you consume is safe to drink.

Contamination Through Water Pipes
When you have very old pipes, then there is a high possibility of lead contamination in water. If there is any crack in the water line. As a result, your tap water can become contaminated. Research says pipes, which are lead, can also cause secondary contamination.

You can minimize the contamination by using cold water from the tap for drinking and cooking. You can let the water flow for a couple of minutes before using them. Health disorders due to contaminated water consumption. The side effects are based on the contaminants present in water.
Nitrates present in water are highly fatal in infants. The conversion of nitrates to nitrites happens in the intestine. This eventually prevents blood from supplying oxygen. There is a specific enzyme available in older children, which would restore the ability of blood to carry oxygen.

Lead may cause Psychological and physical disorder in kids. In adults, it may result in kidney problems and increase in blood pressure.

There is a pathogen called Cryptosporidium which may sometimes enter water pipes. It will lead to gastrointestinal problems, which could be dangerous.

On safer side, you can boil water to kill the germs, but few contaminants like lead, pesticides remain in water even after boiling. The concentration if the contaminants may be more as the water quantity reduces during boiling.

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